Wildflowers are blooming

Although it is not yet spring, the wildflowers have started blooming in the bushland. The most noticeable is the Hibbertia hypericoides, commonly called buttercups. It was called buttercups because it reminded the early explorers of the yellow buttercups in their native country.

Also flowering are some of the early native orchidsPterostylis sanguinea, or dark banded greenhood, has an unusual form to its flowers. Diuris brumalis, winter donkey orchid, is the first of our three donkey orchids to appear. Other orchids, like Diuris corymbosa, common donkey orchid, and Caladenia flava, cowslip orchid, flower a little later.

The Friends of Queens Park Bushland will be holding a one hour guided walk through the bushland on 7 September 2013 to view the wildflowers. Join us at 9.00am at the gate opposite 261 Station St, East Cannington, halfway between Luyer Ave and Welshpool Rd.




News update

We have secured $1,000 through Bankwest’s community grants. We wish to thank everyone who voted for us in July. We could not have done it without your help. The funds will be used to purchase plants to further our rehabilitation efforts.