Acacia stenoptera – a new plant species for the area











We were working in the bushland on 21 April 2012 when we came across this Acacia in flower. Knowing that we didn’t have a photograph for all of our Acacias, a few snaps were taken of this one. It wasn’t until we got home and were trying to identify it that we realised we had found a new species to add to our flora list – Acacia stenoptera, the Narrow Winged Wattle.

This Acacia is found from Geraldton to Ongerup, but appears to be not that common in ‘our’ patches of bushland. Or maybe we haven’t been looking at the right time of year – April is not the typical time of year to go looking for wildflowers. A follow up visit was made and more plants were found, only one of which was in flower. Hopefully more will show themselves over the next couple of months.

This brings out total of identified natives for the area to 205 species.  See more about Acacia stenoptera here.