Western Bearded DragonScientific Name: Pogona minor ssp. minor

Meaning of name: Pogona is from the Greek word pogon, meaning beard. Minor is Latin for small.

Distribution: Occurs from the western Kimberley to southern half of WA excluding the Nullarbor and lower south-west.

Description: This grey lizard can grow up to 60 centimetres long, with 2/3rds of this being tail. It is called a bearded dragon because of the spines along its jaw-line and up behind its ear.

Notes: It can often be seen basking on fallen timber and can change colour with mood and body temperature. It becomes yellowish-brown as its body temperature rises but dark grey when resting or disturbed.

Two clutches of between five and 11 eggs are laid between October and February. The time to hatch the eggs varies with the temperature – longer in cool weather, quicker in hot weather.

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