Planting gets an early start

Children from the YMCA East Cannington Early Learning Centre helped the Friends of Queens Park Bushland revegetate an area of bush on 15 May 2013. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed planting and watering seedlings grown by the Friends group.

The children will water the plants each week until they become established. As the area that was planted can be seen by the children during the day, they will be able watch their hard work grow.

The Friends of Queens Park Bushland grow seedlings from seed collected in the bushland. This ensures that only plants native to the area are used in revegetation projects. The seedlings grown for this project were funded by a donation received from the Early Learning Centre earlier in the year.

The species used in the planting were Acacia pulchella, Allocasuarina humilis, Daviesia physodes, Kennedia prostrata and Podolepis gracilis. The children were taught about the plants being used and how they grow. They know that some of the plants are annuals, some are shrubs and some are ground covers.

The Natural Area Team from the City of Canning brought tools, water and extra pairs of hands. The Friends thank both the Natural Area Team and the Early Learning Centre for their help. We couldn’t have done it without you.