Orchids put on a fine show.






This is the perfect time of year to see our orchids. We are at the in between time where the early flowers are just fading as the later ones are starting to make an impact.

The good rains over the last few months have set the stage for a beautiful wildflower season. It looks like there will be many species putting on a performance the likes of which we haven’t seen for several years.

Donkey orchids are starting to put on a good show while the greenhoods are starting to fade. Pink fairies are putting their flowering stems up and should be open in September. Some of the cowslips are open now and more are on their way.

Many Australian native orchids have an association with fungi. Without the right fungi in the soil, the orchids won’t germinate or grow. That is the main reason they are not yet in cultivation.

However, if you nurture healthy soils in your garden, without too many chemicals, the fungi may grow and you may be lucky enough to get orchids to appear by themselves. Orchid seeds are extremely fine, and are easily dispersed on the wind, so it is likely that the seeds are already in your soil. They’re just waiting for the fungi to arrive.