Night stalk captivates participants

The Friends of Queens Park Bushland held another successful night stalk on Friday, 23 November 2012. As usual, it was the first-timers who were best at spotting the wildlife.

The best find of the evening would have to be the Spiny-tailed Gecko. We were all able to have a good look at the Gecko as it slowly moved through the grass and climbed a tree.

However, the most memorable find goes to a hole in the ground. As we shone our torches down the hole we could see legs. Using a grass stem to tickle the entrance to the hole, we were able to enourage an enormous spider to show itself. First the legs would appear at the entrance before the spider would stick the front half of its body out. But the spider was timid and would retreat before coming completely out of its burrow.

Unfortunately we were so captivated by the spider that we forgot to take photos. Luckily we plan to hold night stalks in the future so we’ll have more chances to get photos of the biggest fangs we’ve ever seen! Take a look at the photographs below to see some of what you missed.