Diverted stormwater adds new life

During 2015, development of approximately 80 housing units occurred adjacent to our bushland. Fearing that the rainfall landing on the development roofs would be sent away through the stormwater system, we asked if it could be diverted into the nearby bushland. We were delighted when the City of Canning agreed and they have since worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was constructed with the best outcome for the bushland in mind.

The stormwater drains run from the housing development, under a firebreak and emerge as a bubble-up pit in the bushland. Stormwater, running from the house roofs and hardstand areas, wells up in the bubble-up pit and flows along a creek-like channel to a shallow basin. The water then filters into the soil to replenish the groundwater.

A lot of care was taken in designing the channel and basin and no existing vegetation was damaged during construction. More plants will be added now that construction is finished and we have evidence that the system works as expected. We also hope that natural revegetation occurs thanks to the extra moisture in the soil.