Birds start breeding

Many of the birds found in the bushland will start nesting during August. They start to call more loudly, more often and for longer. They are likely to be advertising for a mate or to be announcing that they have claimed a particular territory.

If you watch carefully you may be able to see them choosing twigs to use in their nest. Smaller birds can be seen tugging at grass stems or collecting spider web. Some will even pull at the fur of your pets to line their nests.

You may even find the nest. If you do, keep your distance. Most birds don’t like people coming too close to their nest and may abandon it. This can happen even if the chicks have hatched – dooming them to an early death.

After finding a nest, come back regularly to check on its progress. Birds like Brown Honeyeaters will sit on the eggs for two weeks and then feed the chicks in the nest for another two week. The chicks are then fed by the parents out of the nest for a further two weeks before they start life on their own. If the conditions are good, the parents will then start another nest and have more babies in the same year.