Bar-Shouldered CtenotusScientific name: Ctenotus inornatus

Meaning of name: Ctenotus is from the Greek words cten-, meaning comb, and ot-, meaning ear. Inornatus is Latin for plain or unadorned. 

Distribution: This species is found throughout mainland Australia.

Description: Ctenotus inornatus and Ctenotus australis are very similar. Ctenotus inornatus has a body length of around 95mm long. The tail can be up to 2.5 times the length of the body. The background colour is greyish-brown. There are whitish stripes, dashes, spots and blotches on the body and tail. Ctenotus inornatus has four narrow white stripes on the back. Ctenotus australis has six.

Notes: Shelters in burrows beneath shrubs, rocks or rubbish.

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