Trapdoor Spider





Trapdoor Spider burrows are perfectly designed to blend in with their surroundings. They are often only found when we are looking for something else – as with this one.

We didn’t see the spider and don’t know what species made this trapdoor. But the following are some general notes about Trapdoor Spiders.

The burrow protects the spider from predators and provides a humid environment to prevent dehydration. Burrows can sometimes be surrounded by a fan of debris that is attached to the web lining of the burrow. When an insect walks on the debris fan the spider comes out of the burrow and grabs a meal.

The spider never wanders further than the edge of its debris fan. As the spider grows it expands the size of its burrow. It doesn’t move out and find or build a bigger one.

The males only live until they reach maturity at about 5 years. Female spiders can live up to 20 years. To read more about Trapdoor Spiders click here.