Night stalk on 26 November 2011


The Friends of Queens Park Bushland held a night stalk on 26  November 2011. The light to attract moths and beetles was set up and left to do its work while we went searching for other critters.

As usual, there were spiders galore. Most impressive was the Orb Weaver, Nephila edulis. This large spider was at head height and easy to see.

We spent a great deal of time examining bushes, trying to find the crickets or katydids singing their hearts out. With a great deal of patience, and lots of eyes, we were able to find the musicians. The Andrea’s Balloon-winged Katydid, pictured above, was one of the insects making a lot of noise on the night.

Back at the starting point, moths and beetles couldn’t resist the light and swarmed around. Every time we set up the light we get something new. And this time was no exception. Unfortunately, there is little known (or at least published) about most of our moths. Hopefully someone looking at our website can help identify our insects.