Squelching FrogletScientific name: Crinia insignifera

Meaning of name: The meaning of the name Crinia is not certain. Insignifera is a reference to Crinia signifera from southeastern Australia owing to the small differences between the species; thus, inside signifera.

Distribution: The Swan coastal plain between Gingin and Busselton.

Description: The back of the frog may be smooth or with straight or curved ridges. The colour ranges from brown to grey, with or without various markings of stripes or patches. Males are up to 23 millimetres long, females to 30 millimetres.

Notes: The call is a high-pitched squelch. Males call from late autumn through winter. Eggs are laid in water and the tadpoles take 5 months to develop into frogs.

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Hear the call at the WA Museum http://museum.wa.gov.au/explore/frogwatch/frogs/squelching-froglet