Phoracantha semipunctataCommon name: Common Eucalypt Longicorn

Meaning of name: Unknown.

Distribution: The Common Eucalypt Longicorn can be found across Australia. This Beetle has also been introduced into many countries overseas.

Remarks: This beetle can grow up to 29 millimetres long. The larvae are grubs that live inside Eucalyptus trees, feeding on the wood.

This species has been accidentally introduced overseas to a number of countries, where it is a serious pest of eucalypt plantings, attacking and killing young trees. In Australia it is regarded as a minor pest attacking damaged, stressed or newly felled trees; severe attacks on living trees are linked to water stress from severe drought, often with poor site conditions.

Adult female P. semipunctata deposit eggs in batches under loose bark and the larvae penetrate the bark and mine along the cambium.

We have photographed the adult beetles in January and April.


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