Long-billed CorellaScientific name: Cacatua tenuirostris

Meaning of name: Cacatua is based on the Malay word katatua, meaning cockatoo. Tenuirostris is from the Latin words tenuis, meaning slender, and rostrum, meaning bill.

Distribution: Naturally found in south eastern areas of Australia. However, there are feral populations eastablished in Perth and elsewhere in Australia.

Description: Up to 40cm long with a wingspan of 85cm.

Notes: The furthest distance recorded by the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme for this species of bird to travel is 150km. The oldest bird recorded was recovered 3 years 4.2 months after being banded (information as at 20 June 2012). However, there has only been one recovery made and the above details relate to one bird only.

The photographs for this species were not taken in the reserves of interest to the FQPB.

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