Gonipterus scutellatus (larva)Common name: Eucalyptus weevil

Meaning of name: The meaning of the name is not known.

Distribution: This beetle is found in the eastern states of Australia and has been introduced into Western Australia and many countries around the world.

Description: The adult weevils are greyish to reddish brown with darker markings and approximately 10 millimetres long. The larvae reach a maximum length of approximately 10 millimetres long, are yellow with darker stripes and appear slug-like.

Remarks: The photographs of the larvae were taken in July. The adult weevils have not been seen.

The larvae drag a long trail of faecal material about with them.

Associations: The weevil larvae have been found feeding on Eucalyptus rudis.

References: Identification and information courtesy of Terry Houston, WA Museum.



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