Eucalyptus marginataCommon name: Jarrah

Meaning of name: Eucalyptus is from the Greek words eu, meaning well, and calyptos, meaning covered. Marginata is from the Latin word marginatus meaning furnished with a border.

Aboriginal name: Jarrah.

Aboriginal use: The leaves were crushed and used as an antibacterial poultice, held under the nose to relieve nasal congestion or eaten to relieve dysentery. The leaves were also used as bedding. The gum was used as an ointment on sores, as a mild anaesthetic or mixed with water and drunk to relieve intestinal upsets. The bark was used as roofing.

Distribution: Found from Jurien Bay to the south coast and inland to Narrogin.

Remarks: A tree to 46 metres tall, but usually much less in the Friends of Queens Park Bushland area. The white flowers are produced from September to February.

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