Dianella revolutaCommon name: Blueberry Lily

Meaning of name: Dianella is named after the Roman goddess of hunting, Diana, who was created queen of the woods by Jupiter. Revoluta is from the Latin word revolutus meaning rolled back or down.

Aboriginal name: Mangard.

Aboriginal use: Decoctions of the leaves were used to treat headaches. Decoctions of the roots were used to treat colds. The fruit was eaten raw or cooked and the roots were pounded before roasting on hot rocks. The leaves were used to make string.

Distribution: Occurs from Carnarvon to the Nullabor Plain.

Remarks: A tufted plant with leaves up to 85 centimetres long. The flower stems can be up to 1 metre tall. The purple flowers are produced in October and November followed by blue berries.

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