Bossiaea eriocarpaCommon name: Common Brown Pea

Meaning of name: Bossiaea is named in honour of Joseph de Bossieu de la Martiniere (1754 – 1788), medical officer and botanist on Astrolabe, La Perouse’s voyage 1785 – 1788. Eriocarpa is from the Greek words erion, meaning wool, and carpos, meaning fruit.

Distribution: Occurs from Kalbarri to Albany.

Remarks: A shrub to 60 centimetres tall. The yellow and brown flowers are produced from July to October.

A species of wasp, Tanaostigmodes sp, lays its eggs in the tissue of Bossiaea eriocarpa. In response, the plant forms a gall around the foreign body – the egg. The young wasp feeds on the plant tissue inside the gall. It pupates in the gall and emerges as a fully formed adult wasp.

Associations: Tanaostigmodes sp

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