BobtailScientific name: Tiliqua rugosa ssp. rugosa

Meaning of name: The meaning of Tiliqua is not known. Rugosa is from the Latin word rugosus, meaning wrinkled.

Distribution: Found across the south of Australia, except arid areas and the humid east coast.

Description: A large and solid skink, about 40 centimetres long, with triangular head and short blunt tail. Colouration is very variable. Ground colour can be pale to dark brown, olive, grey or black. The back and tail are usually marked with paler spots, blotches or streaks.

Notes: While usually placid, Bobtails will defend themselves by facing their molester with mouth agape, hissing displaying the large blue tongue. They have powerful jaws and will bite if you get too close.

Pairs mate for life but only come together in spring. The female gives birth to one or two live young, each of which can be a third to half adult length.

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