Bats steal the night

We had a very good sighting of Lesser long-eared bats on our last night stalk, as you can see from the picture above. While we have seen bats previously, they were flying across the last light of a setting sun and couldn’t be identified. The bats pictured were sitting quietly on a tree trunk, possibly disturbed by us as they were searching the tree for insect prey.

Also seen on the night were lots of spiders, three species of native cockroaches, beetles and moths. As were looking at one spider, a dragonfly was attracted to our torch light. Unfortunately for the dragonfly, it flew too close to the spider and the spider had an easy meal. Click on the first photo below to see the spider and dragonfly.

Our next night stalk will be on Saturday, 23 March 2013. More details will be advertised on this website, under the activities tab, closer to the date.