Banksia menziesiiCommon name: Firewood Banksia

Meaning of name: Banksia is named after Sir Joseph Banks (1743 – 1820) who collected the first specimens of the genus during Captain Cook’s voyage in 1770. Menziesii is named after Archibald Menzies, surgeon-naturalist on the Discovery expedition (1791 – 1795) under the navigator George Vancouver.

Aboriginal name: Bulgalla.

Aboriginal use: An infusion of the flowers was used to relieve coughs and colds and as a refreshing drink.

Distribution: Occurs in sand between Pinjarra and Murchison River. It is usually restricted from the coast to approximately 50km inland.

Description: A small open tree up to 10m high, but often less. The flowers are borne mostly from March through to September and come in a variety of colours, from yellow, through red to bronze. Honey-eating birds pollinate the flowers.

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