Astartea scopariaCommon name: Common Astartea

Meaning of name: Astartea is named after Astarte, a Syro-Phoenician goddess. Scoparia is from the Latin word scopae, meaning thin twigs or shoots.

Distribution: Occurs from just north of Perth to Albany.

Remarks: A shrub to 1.8m tall. The white flowers are produced from December to February. This plant is important to insects as it flowers at a time when few other plants are in bloom.

Associations: Campsomeris sp

Cuckoo Wasp

Gasteruption sp

Wasp 12

Castiarina anchoralis

Castiarina pallidiventris

Castiarina subcincta

References: Western Australian Plant Names and their Meanings, a Glossary. FA Sharr. 1996.
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