A walk with the birds.

The Friends of Queens Park Bushland hosted a walk through the Queens Park Regional Open Space for the WA branch of BirdLife Australia on 30 September 2012. The day was sunny, warm and calm – perfect for birdwatching. Good views through the spotting-scope were seen of Australasian Shoveler and nesting Eurasian Coot on the water, while an Australian Hobby (pictured above), a Sacred Kingfisher and Red-tailed Black Cockatoos were very obliging in the trees.

The Brown Honeyeater (left) was the most vocal bird in the bush, with their persistent calls making it difficult to hear anything else. However, 47 species in total were seen or heard. Three species of cuckoo, Horsfield’s Bronze-, Shining Bronze– and Pallid, were heard, as were Splendid Fairy-wrens – unfortunately these were not seen.  There were six species of parrot seen, including a pair of yellow Crimson Rosella – no doubt aviary escapees.

While not watching birds attendees were delighted with the number and range of wildflowers in the area, with as much time spent with their eyes on the ground as they had their binoculars pointing skyward. Several of the bird watchers had expressed surprise at finding this patch of bushland, with so many birds and wildflowers, so close to the city.

With us on the walk was a journalist who writes for the Japanese magazine The Perth Express. Yoshifumi will be writing an article on birdwatching for the magazine to promote the activity to his readers.

Thanks were given to the Friends group who provided a much needed morning tea halfway through the walk. It certainly gave us the strength to tackle the return journey with as much enthusiasm as the beginning.

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